Villatel Rental Homes at Solterra Resort

Grey Street Studios was hired to capture over 75 high-end, themed rental homes within Solterra Resort close to all the Orlando Disney Parks.  What better way to vacation with your family while sharing a house with a private pool and a game room, rather than booking several hotel rooms!

“Villatel was born out of a mission to facilitate incredible experiences with the people we’re close to.  Each Solterra Resort Homes offers leveraging luxury design and high-end finishes, each home features up to 10 stunning bedrooms, manicured landscaping, spacious high-end living and dining quarters, and incredible entertainment.  Enjoy a private spa pool, an outdoor lanai and one-of-a-kind specialty rooms, which may include: arcade, game loft with jungle gym, karaoke system, and more!”

Villatel Rental Homes at Solterra Resort Gallery