Tampa Aerial Photography and Videography For a ‘Peter Pan’ Experience

Have you ever dreamed that you were flying? One moment you’re safe on the ground and in an instant you’re soaring above the places and spaces you love… you know, like Peter Pan. That’s the experience you get with aerial photography. Photos and video captured just above the rooftops can have a fantasy feel if they’re done just right.

A Helicopter Ride With A Twist

Helicopters have always been the standard for aerial photography. They allow a photographer to showcase an architectural showplace from a skybound view. A helicopter can rise high enough to photograph the lay of the land; but its lowest legal elevation might be a little bit too high to capture the fine details you want. Fortunately, technological advances have vastly improved this aerial photography tradition.

A remote-controlled flying quadcopter is like a helicopter only better, and it’s less expensive to use. It can dip, dive, maneuver, and soar like a traditional helicopter. With a mounted camera it can be versatile enough to capture landscaping, natural surroundings, architectural elements, or a sweeping fantasy panorama that includes everything. A quadcopter with a mounted camera is small enough to ease in low and close for sweet, tight shots that you’ll love.

How does it work?

The photographer remains in control, yet even that is somewhat of a high-tech fantasy. He operates the remote-controlled quadcopter from the ground, sending it to the perfect spot for the photos you want. results are amazing– a bird’s eye view, courtesy of a keen artistic eye with a technological spin. You may never be able to fly like Peter Pan, but when you view aerial footage of your favorite places on earth, it will certainly feel like a flying fantasy brought to life. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about the newest techniques in aerial photography.