Show Your Clients That New Home Construction Doesn’t Have To Be Cookie Cutter

When you’re in new home construction, your aim is to sell these homes to families for whom they will be a good fit.  At times, people tend to think that all new homes look alike.  When you build several different homes in a housing development, it’s likely that their plans will be similar or even the same.  So how do you make such a home stand out and look unique?  After all, there are a number of builders out there who are also trying sell similar homes.

Doing Up the Same Model Home in Different Ways

One way of making your home stand out is by focusing on the interiors.  To make your interior look unique, you could take the same home and do it up in several different styles.  You could make one more modern-looking, with many geometrical shapes, solid colors and abstract paintings on the walls.  Another could have a more Victorian look, with ornate hardwood furniture, Persian carpets and Dresden China knick knacks arranged on the walls.  Yet another could be a combination of the two, with bright prints and a lot of light but retro accents like a carved wall mirror or an antique side table.

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Clients Can Put Their Own Individual Stamp on the Home

The idea behind presenting your model home in three different ways is to let your customer know that they can put their own individual stamp on the home.  Even though the home may be designed to suit the needs of many families, it doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter and can reflect the personality of the home owner.

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Architectural Photography Presents a Lifestyle to the Client

As architectural photographers, we can help you present the clients with a lifestyle that will suit them.  Given our vast experience in photographing homes, we know how to emphasize different things about different homes.  For the modern home, we would work with you to make it look stylish yet comfortable.  For the Victorian home, you can trust us to present it in a cozy yet elegant way.  For the type of interior that combines both styles, we’ll take photographs that emphasize the brightness and cheeriness of the home.

Beazer Homes – Valencia Lakes

Contact us for architectural photography that helps your customer to see how the home can be done up to suit their personality.