Selling New Home Construction with Photography

At Grey Street Studios, we work to help builders sell their New Home Construction homes. By providing beautiful photography for both the exterior and interior of the home, we are attracting potential home buyers. Home buyers will much more likely be interested in a home that is visually appealing and will want to take time to visit the home based on appearances seen in photos. A home that is trying to sell with no photos, or with photos that lack visual appeal because of any dark shadows, or obstructions can hinder buyers from even taking time to consider it.

How Photography Sells:

  • Removing Shadows: Heavy shadows, even in the smallest of areas can cause the home to appear dark. This does not provide a sense of warmth and comfort that allow home buyers to feel that this home could be the one. At Grey Street Studios, we work to enhance the photos to rid of those shadows with both professional lighting equipment and professional editing programs.

Mattamy Homes – Enclave at Boynton Waters

  • Removing Obstructions: There may be some sign that work is still being done to the home, or there are other obstructions in the exterior photos such as signs on the street that can distract the buyer from the overall beauty of the home. This is why, during the editing process, these obstructions are removed from view.

Mattamy Homes – Enclave at Boynton Waters

  • Virtual Tours: The photos taken can be put in order to provide potential buyers with a virtual tour that allows them to see this home as their own. This allows buyers to get a feel for the flow of the home and see that it can be the perfect space for them.

Mattamy Homes – Enclave at Boynton Waters

If you are interested in receiving photos for your new home construction, contact us. We have the proper tools and experience to get it done right. You will not be disappointed.