Professional, new-home construction photography may require sitting down with the architect

Photographing new home construction is not a linear process of simply arriving at the site, taking photos inside-and-out and picking a few good ones for the contractor’s brochure or website.

It’s more than that, may sometimes start with sitting down with the architect of the home(s). In such instances the architectural photographer stands the chance of moving the final product to a higher level of professionalism.

Getting ‘inside the head’ of the designer of the home can be very informative by hearing how design problems were solved, and what made them decide to design the way they did.

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Walking around the project

It’s always important to know what the character of the natural light is throughout the site, and how it enhances prominent structural features inside-and-out.

What kind of effect do the shadows provide at certain hours of the day, and will they play a role in the final composition decisions?

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Always, the photographer’s eye is assessing the best vantage points for the shoot. The objects he works with are defined by their shapes and how they occupy their space.

What’s the ‘point of view?’

Sometimes, the space may have to be ‘staged’ with a few people to help emphasize the space in it’s final format: brochure, website or virtual tour, for example.

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The final shots.

We’ve all seen the effects of too much tweaking of a photo, be it the colors that appear saturated, or the heightened contrast.

There’s a difference between editing a photo to eliminate a formatting problem within the composition and added special effects—unless the client calls for it, of course.

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