Producing custom high-end virtual tours requires an understanding of potential buyers_ ‘savvy’ with little time to waste

Today’s home builders and real estate companies continue to leverage the power of the web, particularly when it comes to custom home virtual tours. No surprise, in light of the array of tablets and smart devices used to produce the videos.

But therein lies a host of quality issues, particularly when attempting high-end buyers. Contractors, and agents, need to push aside conventional ‘point-and-shoot’ methods. What’s needed is a professional approach to producing Custom High-End Virtual Tours.

Lennar – Arlington Ridge

It’s not a question that virtual tours are helping move properties. In fact, a joint study by Google-National Association of Realtors (NAR) points to the expansive use of the web “in home buying.” The takeaway? Ninety percent of the buyers searched the web throughout the “home buying process.”

But, and as noted on a LinkedIn the virtual tour videos can be a real negative to making the right impressions:

“…Slow download time and lagging video streams can lose otherwise interested prospects. In some cases the property itself forces awkward angles that make filming complicated and viewing uncomfortable. It’s simply true that virtual tours are not a good idea for every property. They are, however, a great idea for some.”

Lennar – Arlington Ridge

Marketing to the high-end buyer requires an understanding of the demographic. For the most, they don’t want to waste time ‘shopping.’ They value well-produced tours that highlight the property’s site location while capturing the home’s exterior and interior features.

Often times, a builder will ask the videographer to focus on the main attributes of the home, be it master bedroom or kitchen. Always, it’s important to showcase the high-end home’s best features and create the ambience necessary to motivate viewers to follow up.

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