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Brian Swartzwelder

President, Signature Photographer
Brian Swartzwelder started Grey Street Studios in 2001. His passion for photography began in college, mastering fundamentals and technique on black and white film. Brian completed his BA of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography from Florida Atlantic University in 1997.

He continues to grow and expand his business by staying on top of the latest in photographic technology developments. Brian has volunteers his time in a number of photography and builder associations including:

-President Elect, Sales and Marketing Council of the Tampa Bay Builders Association (TBBA)
-Secretary, Sales and Marketing Council of the Florida Homebuilders Association (FHBA)
-Associate Delegate, National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB)


Melissa Chaumont

VP of Business Development
Melissa Chaumont started with Grey Street in 2016. Her passion for marketing started when she worked on movie promotions for her local theater in high school. She then went and completed her BA at the University of South Florida in 2003.

Her experience within the building industry supports her role in strengthening and expanding client relationssatisfaction, industry presence and growth. Melissa volunteers her time and getting involved in associations that include the following:

-Board of Directors with Sales & Marketing Council at the Tampa Bay Builders Association (TBBA)
-Member of Greater Orlando Builders Association (GOBA)
-Manatee Sarasota Building Industry Association (MSBIA)
-Real Estate Investment Council (REIC)
-Urban Land Institute (ULI)
-She is also a member of the PegLeg Pirate Gasparilla Krewe, raising money for prosthetics for children and Veteran amputees.


Elora Cady

Photographer, Editor, Production Coordinator
Elora Cady has been part of the Grey Street team since her internship in 2014. Her passion for photography began when she attended a black and white film photography course as a freshman in high school. Elora graduated in 2014 with a BFA in Digital Photography from the Art Institute of Tampa.

After graduation, Elora chose to stay with Grey Street Studios, continuing to pursue her interest in architectural photography.  Since she began, she has progressed from Editor to Production Coordinator, to Photographer and Matterport 3D Tour Specialist. Elora not only has sharpened her photography skills through the years but continues to learn and grow with in the company.

Elora is currently a proud member of the TBBA and continues to volunteer at events.


Alicia Pesco

Event Photographer, Editor
Alicia Pesco joined the Grey Street team in 2016 as one of our editors and main event photographer. Her passion in photography started with a 35mm Minolta Camera that was passed down from her father in 2005. She continued to gain knowledge in photography through high school, and completed her BFA in Digital Photography from the Art Institute of Tampa in 2014.

Her love for events and wedding photography make her an excellent photographer for the building industry events, and has inspired her to embark on a wedding and an event photography business.


Iris Rannou

Photographer, Editor
Iris Rannou recently joined Grey Street as one of our photographers and editors. She became passionate for photography in middle school after taking a photography class. She was published as a student photographer and won several awards for her projects.

She graduated recently with a BFA in Digital Photography from the Art Institute of Tampa.


Jared Miller

Video Producer, Matterport Photographer
Jared Miller joined Grey Street in 2017. He had a passion for video since he was 4 years old playing with is father’s camcorder. Jared was most inspired by the film Jurassic Park. He has been shooting and editing video since high school.

Jared graduated in 2015 with a BFA in Film and Video Production from the Art Institute of Tampa. He brings his video skills to the Grey Street table and acquired our distinct technique to capture Matterport 3D Tours.


Kaz Thibodeau

Video Producer / Webmaster
Kaz is our savvy video producer and web designer. He accurately orchestrates the video arrangement, music and information, creating videos that our clients fall in love with.

He graduated from Seattle Central College and has his certification in Web and Multimedia Management. In addition to his work at Grey Street, Kaz uses his craft to support and promote various programs in his community.


Phone: 727 STORIES / 786-7437

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