Help the Customer Play House and Impart Information with Custom High-End Virtual Tours

If you’re selling a model home, you probably want to show off every little detail, from that beautiful front lawn to that picturesque bedroom window.  One great way to do this is with custom high-end virtual tours.  A picture is definitely worth a thousand words, but it’s even more effective to get a 360 degree view of each and every room so that the customers get the feeling that they are actually standing in the room, looking around.

Flash, Video and Aerial Video Virtual Tours

With Flash virtual tours as well as video virtual tours, you’ll be able to combine photos and video to give the customer the complete experience of living in your model home.  With aerial video tours, you get the option of showcasing the entire community.  This way the customer can see the various amenities available nearby and get a distinct idea of the layout of the development.

ICI Homes – Bexley

Help the Customer Play House

With tours of both, the outside and the inside of the home, you’re giving the customer the opportunity to see details that they would otherwise only be likely to see in person.  Seeing a virtual tour is like being immersed in the home.  With all the details of the home in place, you can almost pretend that you already live there.  That’s your comfy couch, your bed with the pale blue comforter, your towels hanging in the bathroom, within easy reach of your bathtub.

You could keep on selling a home with words.  You could try to convince the customer that it’s as beautiful as you make it out to be.  However, with virtual tours at your disposal, you can save your breath and allow the customers to see for themselves.

Imparting Information

And keep in mind that a virtual tour is not merely a sales device.  It’s also a great way of conveying information.  Every customer is looking for something different out of their brand new home.  Some want to have large living rooms while others are fond of walking paths or playgrounds in their community.  By showing them exactly what your community contains, you bring them information at their fingertips and they’ll thank you for it.  Contact us to put together the best possible high-end virtual tour for your model home today.