Good Architectural Photography creates the right ‘narrative’ for that newly-built home

If someone told you that architectural photography’s sole purpose was to ‘tell a story,’ you may have to think a little harder on that one. Or, maybe not.

After all,  when you see the results of a true professional, one who is able to capture the color, the angles and the setting, he has succeeded in creating a form of narrative expressing all the attributes of the home.

Taylor Morrison – Grandview at the Heights

And that’s not an easy thing to do: the web is littered with bad house photography; this, because that all-important “narrative” was dismissed as unimportant. Instead, fledgling wannabes—and maybe a few master builders, too!— grabbed their cell phones, or view-finder snapshot camera, to quickly point-and-shoot in order to get their half-a-million dollar, customized home ‘out there.’


What’s needed before that first ‘click’ happens is an understanding of the home and its site. And, no, the subject may not always be that ‘pretty’ or easy to convey. Problems can, and do, present themselves in even the best designed and constructed homes.

Taylor Morrison – Grandview at the Heights

As such, it’s up to the architectural photography to do some ‘problem solving’ in scoping out the exteriors and interiors. No doubt, a priority list will be made before the shutters begin their magic. How can a small bathroom, for example, still draw the viewer into it? Can an interior shot utilize the outside landscaping to create the right ambience, even though the house sits on a small lot?

Finding the right architectural photographer means finding comfort with their portfolio of residential spaces. Generally, their work shows they are excellent communicators and well-versed in setting the right shutter speeds, F-stops, lens selections and all of their other quirky techniques necessary to create that Narrative.

Taylor Morrison – Grandview at the Heights

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