Go Beyond Curb Appeal: Why Professional Architectural Photography Matters in New Home Sales

In the new home sales market, curb appeal can no longer be an afterthought. Potential home buyers notice and want to see what’s behind the front door. Today’s new home buyers search out everything they can find about your new construction home before even stepping on your sales lot. Consumers use social media to find out what they need to know before contacting you directly or visiting their local real estate agent. They may even do some of their research and reach out directly to the builder or developer without contacting a real estate agent.

Architecture Trends Are Shifting

In recent years, there’s been a shift away from traditional architecture and design styles. This is especially true in the new home market, where buyers are increasingly looking for something different. Professional architectural photography can help builders and developers reach these buyers by showcasing the unique features of their homes. Just like they would be lured in by excellent curb appeal, people need to know that each house has its own story. And with social media at our fingertips, this is easier than ever!

Competition Is Increasing

As the market for new homes becomes increasingly competitive, builders and developers are looking for an edge. And while curb appeal is still essential, potential buyers are now looking for more than just a pretty façade. They want an accurate representation of what life will be like inside their new home, including how spacious the rooms will be or what it would be like to spend time on the deck or patio. That’s where architectural photography comes in. It provides builders with an opportunity to showcase their work by highlighting its attributes and detailing every last detail that sets them apart from other homes on the market. The result? Greater exposure to a target audience of potential homeowners—one who is eager to learn more about your development and has the funds available to buy.

Potential clients need plenty of information before making a decision.  Professional architectural photography provides your clients with attractive visuals that show off all the best features of your property in stunning detail, capturing their attention and prompting them to take action—even if it’s simply browsing through some online photos.

First Impressions Matter

In today’s world, first impressions are often made online. New construction builders must have high-quality, professional photos of their homes. With the help of a professional photographer, you can make sure your homes stand out from the competition and reach more potential buyers.

What would happen if one of your competitors had a fantastic image taken by a professional and yours was just an amateur photo? You might lose that buyer before they even get to see the interior or know about any other features you offer. What if they go back to that beautiful photo again and again? They’re going to remember how much better they felt when they saw that house over yours—and now they’re not just comparing floor plans; now they’re comparing curb appeal.

Think outside the Square

If you’re only relying on MLS photos to sell your homes, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Professional architectural photography can make your homes look their best and help you reach a wider audience of potential buyers. Here’s why it matters: It allows people to visualize themselves living there.

  • It brings outside interest from those who might not have found your listing otherwise
  • It helps overcome any buyer’s remorse that might come later down the line after they’ve moved in
  • Professional architectural photography also gives them a preview of what’s inside, so they know what to expect before making an offer.
  • It could even prompt someone to ask about something specific about the property or neighborhood that would otherwise be lost in a lengthy email exchange or phone call with a realtor.

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As the real estate market rapidly changes, it’s more important than ever for new construction companies to stand out from the competition. Professional architectural photography can help you do just that.

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