Custom High-End Virtual Tours require expertise on integration into a website

The whole idea behind any good photography is to get someone to feel a certain way and, in the case of Custom High-End Virtual Tours, move them to that next step closer to purchasing that new home.

At first glance, many contractors may think going that route it is simply too cost-prohibitive. But once a home builder looks at the investment he already has in his finished projects, then the high-end virtual tour can be seen as a necessary—and persuasive— marketing tool.

David Weekley – Asturia

Mistakenly, many builders fail to see what’s needed when it comes to moving that just-finished home. Consequently, any unprofessional attempt to showcase that luxury home can put off buyers, thus diminishing the buyer’s perceived value of the property.

‘Unprofessional’ can mean simply taking a series of photographs using a virtual-tour template to get the ‘marketing’ done and out-of-the-way; this, to allow the builder to get back to doing what he does best: building quality-customized homes.

David Weekley – Asturia

Today, because shoppers are inclined to search the Internet for their ‘short list’ of properties, construction companies have to work even smarter: the high-end buyer is usually too busy to waste their time looking at properties that are not presented professionally:  always, it’s about that first impression.

The process starts with understanding state-of-the-art lighting, and using the right equipment. What’s more, it’s not just about producing a “Wow!” tour. It’s also having the right team of web-savvy designers who can integrate the tour into the contractor’s website.

David Weekley – Asturia

The result is a richer experience for the virtual tour viewer; scenes are consistent with lighting and the right framing. Landscapes are dominant when they should be, and only the key aspects of the home are made memorable throughout the ‘tour.

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