Custom High-End Virtual Tours must pull viewers into all of the surroundings with that ‘Wow!’ factor

It seems fitting that home builders need to be concerned about marketing their new
construction. After all, given the size of their investments, the idea is to move the properties as
quickly as possible.

But when it comes to the custom home builder, those craftsmen who cater to a high-end
customer, it becomes even more imperative to follow ‘best practices.’

And when it comes to custom high-end virtual tours, having blurry, or poorly lighted interiors, are
just two examples that can turn would-be prospects away.


Lennar – Abbott Square

For sure, the virtual tour is more than a trend: it’s become a solid sales tool for any home builder.
When using an experienced architectural photographer, special attention to features can deliver
that ‘Wow!’ factor… both inside and out.

Viewers expect not only a 360 degree ‘tour’, but also meaningful 180’s as well. The basic
configuration will the screen to not only rotate up and down, but left/right as well as zooming

Throughout the tour, viewers must feel really pulled into that living room or bedroom, while
feeling fully immersed in all the home’s surroundings.

“Should I use aerial photography?”

Obviously, the right balance of different viewpoints lends itself to capturing the beauty of the
home, it’s landscaping and it’s site location as well. Providing that perspective may require using
a part of an aerial photo shoot to help orient the viewer to the surroundings: close to schools;
shopping and metro, etc.

Contact us to learn more. We work with developers, and residential builders, to bring the right
“Wow!” factor to their projects.