Capture a Home in its Entirety with Architectural Photography

When you’re building new homes, your aim is not just to sell them at any cost but also to create a community that your clients will feel happy living in.  Everyone wants the best for their family and this includes homes, schools, playgrounds, walking paths, grocery stores nearby etc.  Different people have different priorities, of course.  Couples with children will want to have good schools nearby while couples without children might be more interested in entertainment options.  In both cases, you can use architectural photography to convince them that your model home is the way to go.  Here are three different ways in which architectural photography can be beneficial to you:

  • Attract more customers.  You can attract customers just by letting them know the particulars of your home such as square footage, location, number of bedrooms, type of flooring, style of construction etc.  However, there’s a great difference between just stating what your model home is like and actually showing them photographs.  Often, when people read the specifications of your model home, they may not absorb everything.  However, when they see a photo, it tends to stay in their minds.  This is why many people use images as aids to memory.

    Belvedere Builders – Alafia Point

  • Capture the home at the right time.  Another benefit of using architectural photography is that you can capture the home at the time of day when it looks best.  If the home has a great view of the sunset, you can use an architectural photograph to show this off.  It’s also possible to take a number of photographs during the day and the evening and then decide which ones look best.  When people come to see the home, they’ll only be able to see it at that particular time.  But with the help of architectural photographs, you can show them the home at different times of the day.

    Belvedere Builders – Alafia Point

  • Enhance the good points of each home.  Different homes will appeal to different sets of people.  With the help of architectural photography, you can take each different type of home and enhance its good points.  For example, if one home is cozy, with many small rooms, the right architectural photograph will bring to light its tiniest corners, allowing the customer to see exactly how they could use this space to advantage.  With larger homes, an architectural photograph can even create a panoramic vista, capturing the rooms as well as the outdoor areas and the view, all at one go.

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