Builder Model Homes need the professional ‘eye’ of the architectural photographer like Grey Street Studios

Successful builders usually are savvy about the time-is-money concept, and will not try to take on the marketing of their model home.

Still, they may be drawn to the idea of photographing their Builder Model Homes themselves because, after all, who else knows their home better than the hands who built it?

Granted, because they are successful builders, they often have the advantage of being able to buy the latest camera gear, thinking the equipment alone will do the job.

Mistakenly, they often go about the task by ‘shooting blindly’ from room-to-room and upstairs and outside. The fault in this strategy is multi-layered because there are so many elements comprising a successful shoot.

Arthur Rutenberg – Oakmont

For instance, during certain times of the day the use of natural lighting may give that “Wow!” factor necessary to enhance key elements of the home, including the outside landscaping.

Instead, builder-photographers may not give much thought to ‘lighting.’ Instead, they rely on their new tablet, or photo app, to salvage their photos.

What’s needed in today’s competitive builder’s market is a proven architectural photographer who weaves lighting, composition and framing of each shot seamlessly; this, in such a way to leave the right photographic impression, thereby relieving the builder of time wasted away from what he does best: build quality-crafted homes.

The process often starts with the builder and the photographer sitting down to discuss the finished home. This might include looking at the plans before going to the site, or asking the builder what his philosophy is when it comes to each aspect of the construction.

Arthur Rutenberg – Oakmont

Only then, can the true vision of the project come together in the photographer’s mind, allowing him to use his tools, from lenses to lighting, to deliver that vision.

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