Builder Model Homes built by craftsmen demand the best from an architetural photographer

Capturing a builder model homes aesthetics requires a diligent approach that is above-and-beyond what a cellphone, or single-lens camera, might offer.

As craftsmen, builders recognize the benefit of featuring their finished home in the most advantageous way possible; too, they understand the importance of outsourcing such projects to an architectural photographer, like Grey Street Studios.

Kolter Homes – Alton

Often, builders make the mistake of following a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach; this, without knowing how to compose an image; how to use natural lighting correctly. More importantly, when it comes to enhancing a very expensive feature a a model home—its windows!—little skill is shown by the DIY-er in obtaining window images that actually bring in the exterior view from outside.

When considering the exterior views to help show the model home in its setting, the trained architectural photographer understands the importance of framing the scene in context to it’s surroundings. Often, this might mean using a  different lens to create the right effect.

Kolter Homes – Alton

For example, professionals know when to use a telephoto lens: it obviously magnifies the subject from a distance, but the lens is actually restricted in its view.

They also know how direct sun can make huge changes to the setup: stronger contrasts with highlighted shapes and patterns; shooting exteriors on an overcast day can soften the frame and show colors and tones often lost in stronger light.

Kolter Homes – Alton

Experienced architectural photographers often use a special “tilt-shift” lens—it’s also called a perspective control lens—to obtain wide-angle shots without worry of distortions.

Ever wonder why professionals are always making changes to the camera’s “F Stop” ?

Many reasons, but the most important is to maintain the right depth-of field of the home’s environment: inside and out (Rule: small F Stop means slower shutter speeds and need for a tripod!)

Kolter Homes – Alton

The next time you’re thinking about using your tablet to take photos of your Masterpiece, or call that nephew who just bought a new digital camera, contact us.