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Dec 15 2015
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: Land-o-lakes, florida

Business is booming in the new home construction and commercial construction industry. Home builders and others have a great use for architectural photography. With the right equipment and the right skills, an architectural photographer will be able to capture fantastic images that will fully highlight all of the features of your homes. 

There is a big market for architectural photographers who have the right skills. However, architecture can be one of the most difficult and challenging subjects to light. There can be various issues with the ambience, the balance of color, and other issues related to lighting. This is why it is so important to find the right architectural photographer for your construction project. 

When a photographer is highly skilled and professional, there will be plenty of opportunities to shoot new homes for builders, contractors, developers, etc. It is important that you choose an architectural photographer who is skilled in one way or another. Your property will likely have various challenges that will require a highly skilled and highly professional architectural photographer. 

There are different ways to complete an architectural photo shoot. The method that an architectural photographer chooses will be greatly based on how you plan to use these images. People use their photos in various ways, but one of the main reasons that people hire an architectural photographer is so they can use the images for marketing and advertising reasons. 

If you are looking for an architectural photographer to capture your homes in an amazing way, do not hesitate to contact us today.


Dec 03 2015
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder

Your completed model homes already have their own interesting challenges, such as the style of the home, the lighting, and the different views; so what can you do to capture the essence of your home? You can hire a photographer who specializes in capturing homes like the ones you build.

You do not want to simply find a photographer who can "do it all". You need a photographer who knows everything that can be known about architectural photography. You do not need a real estate photographer because you want to do more than just document your homes for marketing and advertising purposes.

You want a photographer who can catch the entire character of your home. Yes, your homes will have character. An architectural photographer will set aside time to meet with you so the best plan can be created. When it comes to architectural photography, different approaches can be taken. This is why it is important to think about the best way to capture your homes.

Once you have a few names of photographers you are considering, you can go to their websites to view the work they have previously done. How do the photos look to you? Do the photos stand out from others you have seen? Can the photographer you are considering handle a photo shoot like the one you will need? 

A professional and experienced photographer can bring a lot to your project. If you need a photographer who will showcase your home in the best way, you should not hesitate to contact us today.

Sep 15 2015
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: South California

When you are preparing for a new home construction, it is sometimes a requirement to have an aerial survey of the land. Various equipment can be used in order the collect data from the aerial photographs. 

While the construction is underway, many construction companies see several advantages of getting better views from different angles on the property. Aerial photography gives different advantages, depending on how you plan to use it.

If you want an advertisement that will give you a better chance of attracting buyers than your competition, you will need to hire an aerial photographer to take those unique photographs. The right aerial photography will know how to capture photographs that will attract prospective buyers. 

There are various methods of aerial photography, and it is important for you to check with a photographer first so you will know what is best. Here are some questions you should ask a photographer before you make the decision to hire.

  • How much experience do you have as an aerial photographer? 
  • Do you need any authorization to take the aerial photographs? 
  • Will your photos be taken in a high-resolution format? 
  • How many photographs will you take for each job?
  • Based on my needs and requirements, are you able to give me a fixed-price quote?
  • Do you require your customers to pay in advance? 
  • Will you keep the copyrights of the images or will I be able to get the copyright?


Grey Street Studios, Inc. has the dedication and experience in aerial photography you will need for your new home construction project. We are committed to providing excellent service. Contact us today if you want to know more about our aerial photography services or to ask about how our services can make your next new home construction project better.

Aug 26 2015
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: orlando

You have just finished your model homes and now you are hoping to have architectural shots of the property for your website or flyers. You already understand how challenging it is to find a good photographer, especially a good architectural photographer

Even when you have hired someone to create the images for your purpose, you will also have to manage the photography session. If you have never done this before, it can certainly be a huge challenge. Since you are likely extremely busy with your business, you will not have the time to do extra work regarding photography and advertising. 

The world we live in is very visual. People are attracted to images. When people visit your website, you usually have one chance to catch their attention. Your photo gallery should show as much depth as possible; your photos should also maintain a sense of freshness. When you have descriptions of your photos, you should make sure the descriptions are easy to understand.

However, it is mainly the first set of photos that will attract potential customers' attention. When they see the first set of photos, they will usually make up their mind whether they want to continue looking at your web page or move on to someone else's page.

If you want to effectively market your model homes, you need to have the right photography to pull the viewers in or they will not even bother looking at what else you have on your page. If the photography is not good, they will surely move on to another web page that does have good photography. If the photography looks good, they will dig deeper into your website. 

When you look at your website showcasing your model homes, do you think things can be better? Investing in the perfect architectural photography can be one of the essential factors in determining if you will be successful at advertising and marketing your model homes. Contact us at Grey Street Studios, Inc. if you want to get the best images you need to effectively advertise your model homes.