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Dec 05 2013

What makes a house into a home?  Is it just a feeling that starts to emerge after you’ve been living in a place for a while?  Or is there something about that particular dwelling which makes it the right place for you?

People and Their Homes

Sometimes, people get stuck in houses or apartments where they don’t really feel comfortable.  Some people like a lot of space but are stuck in cramped apartments with low ceilings.  Others may prefer cozy rooms and fireplaces but live in lofts with high ceilings and a feeling of openness.

Making the Most of a Home’s Selling Points with an Architectural Photographer

In order to accurately portray what a home is like, you need the services of an architectural photographer.  Different homes have different selling points.  Some may be large and open with a lot of space in the front and back yards.  Others may be renovated lofts with high ceilings, tall windows looking over city streets and a lot of space for entertaining.  Yet others may be constructed in the style of snug English cottages with wooden beams and fireplaces.

In order to sell a home, you have to have the right photographs which accurately display the interior and exterior of the home.  A good architectural photographer is one who can gauge what the selling points are of a home and make the best of them.


Spacious vs. Cozy Homes

If space is a selling point—and it often is—then the photographs should make the most of the space in the home.  However, if the home is trying to emphasize that it would be a cozy, snug, kind of place, then the sight of a roaring fire and a cozy chair is more likely to attract the kind of person who would be happy living there.

After all, selling a home is more than just a business transaction.  It’s a service that enables people to be happy in the spaces they live in.  If you’re in the construction business, you probably feel a sense of satisfaction in matching the space to the owner.  So take the first step towards concluding this transaction and contact us for architectural photographs today.

Nov 18 2013

It’s a fact, technology drives a substantial amount of home buying traffic these days. And very often, the introduction to model homes and planned communities comes from an image viewed on an electronic device. A lot of resources go into creating these properties, so custom high-end virtual tours that represent them need to convey a standard of excellence.

So what should you be looking for to achieve these top notch virtual visuals? In a nutshell, your potential clients need to see professional, clear pictures and videos that provide a quality presentation whether they are viewed on a cell phone, a tablet or on a full screen. Your architectural photographer should be able to capture the prime selling points of your property utilizing light, camera angle and color in a way that communicates value.

At Grey Street Studios, we believe our award-winning work speaks for itself, so we invite you to click the links below to view some of the sample high-end virtual tour options we offer.

Mobile Friendly Virtual Tours

These tours are HTML 5 compliant, visible in all browsers and can be directly linked to a stand-alone tour or embedded in a customized branded responsive web page. We include interactive floor plans that sit to the side of images so potential buyers get a sense of orientation while viewing each room. As the camera pans around a given space, a dot on the floor plan indicates the exact location the viewer is looking at within a home’s overall layout.

Finally, as with all our flash tours, you have the option of hosting your own tours or letting us host for you.

Custom Flash Virtual Tours

Experience, knowledge of the market and careful attention to detail sets our tours apart—and we never, ever give you images containing circular walls and ceilings (unless of course that’s the actual structure of a room). You get a true, accurately scaled representation of a model home.

Our attention to detail goes a step further, by making sure the correct exposure reveals landscaping and spectacular views visible from the windows in each room.

YouTube Virtual Tours

YouTube tours begin with your company logo and branding. The image progression is smooth, high resolution HD video with no pixelation. Background music compliments the timeline, and the final frames feature your branding and contact information.

Aerial Video Tours

Aerial video tours present a bird’-eye-view of a property. These tours allow potential buyers to see the landscape of a particular home as well as characteristics of surrounding areas. A preview of an entire neighborhood provides a wealth of valuable information in just a few seconds. In addition, aerial tours of community pools, sports fields, area parks, trails, playgrounds and more are also available.

Contact us today and we will help you create an online presence worthy the beautiful homes and communities you worked so hard to construct. Our high-end virtual tours will help you create an interactive, favorable working relationship with potential buyers even before they step foot onto your property.

Nov 07 2013

Architectural Photography begins with a trained eye. You want the best photographer behind the camera you can get, and you want a good shot. Aerial views are impressive and showcase the land around the house, as well as the house itself. But how do you know you are getting the best photography of your new homes? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) Showcase the form and design. When you see an architectural photo, what makes it stand out? If you said, the design, you're not alone. The design of a unique architectural building stands out in a good photo. Do you see the lines that the architect had in mind when they built it? It should make a statement and draw you in.

2) Are there varying viewpoints? Good architectural photography should show a variety of vantage points, instead of just one. Some side views, front views, and aerial views can add to the overall image of the architecture and increase interest among potential buyers.

3) Does it look "grandiose?" The Egyptian pyramids are still visited today some 4000 years after they were built for their sense of grandiosity and splendor. If you can create a photo that stands out this way, it will attract people in a big way. Make it "larger than life."

4) Is it composed of other elements? Inside architecture has many elements, such as color, accents, staircases, and other amenities that make it stand out. Large portraits and paintings, artistic vases and wall accents can all add to the value of the photograph.

5) Does it tell a story? Every house has a story to tell. What does yours say? In a well-composed professional architectural photograph, you can see what's important to you in the house and how it can enrich the lives of someone who buys it.

Architectural photography speaks volumes about your newly designed homes. It tells the story of where it came from and what is important. It boast artistic works and features that make it unique and special. Use of outside environmental aspects, such as the sky, the green grass, and landscaping can sometimes bring out the best aspects of a house. Inside you should portray bold colors and artistic icons to draw special attention to the home. If you want a true artistic representation of your new home done by a professional photographer, contact us. Architectural photography is our business and we love what we do! Let us showcase your new homes to the world in the style and flair they deserve!

Oct 30 2013

Builder model homes represent the essence of what a planned community has to offer. They impart the quality construction, attention to detail and available amenities in a way that no other sales tool can. The planning and time that go into model homes is significant, but in today’s technology infused market, a few additional steps are necessary to bring buyers to your door. This is where an architectural photographer comes in.

If you’re wondering just how important visual technology is to model home exposure (pun intended)-- the National Association of REALTORS® got together with Google recently to compile some stats that provide perspective on consumer and market trends in the home buying world. They found that “52 percent (of home buyers) turn to the web as their first step.” And here’s what their report had to say regarding online video usage of those looking to purchase a home:             

                *86% use it to find out more about a specific community;

                *70% use it to tour the inside of a home; and

                *38% use it to understand specific features.

 These compelling figures point specifically to the advantages of having a good architectural photographer on any new home building team. There are literally only seconds to make an impression on a potential buyer, so quality visuals are key. Model homes are initially introduced via still photography where they compete side-by-side on a screen-- the best images obviously garner the most attention. The pictures must resonate with viewers through the use of lighting and color, the crop needs to hone in on a home’s best features while still allowing room for a viewer to personalize their living space with their imagination…and so much more—all in one simple photo.

The next step is video, where the image of the model home tour leads into the larger concept of community living and beyond. It’s a process that requires the ability to package and display both model homes and the neighborhood that surrounds them using technologies that are relevant to current search trends.

Grey Street Studios offers mobile friendly virtual tours, flash virtual tours and YouTube virtual tours in addition to numerous other services that connect new home builders with clients through high quality, professional imaging services. Contact us today and let us build a virtual path to your model homes.