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Sep 04 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project: Aerial Photography

There's nothing like the big picture to provide all the information about a property. Aerial photography is the unique marketing tool that can deliver that image and a whole lot of information about what additional amenities the surrounding community has to offer a potential homebuyer.


Guiding someone through a model home shows off the quality construction and elegance that has been built in to the house. Offering that potential customer an aerial view of the neighborhood surrounding that home can be the extra push they need. This view offers them visual enticement for all the wonders they will enjoy as a part of the community. Extras such as parks, hiking trails, secluded beaches and close proximity to shopping, dining and entertainment add another dimension to a home.


Wrapping the beautiful home you've constructed in these additional benefits may bring you the sale you are looking for. The option to include a quality aerial video in their sales pitch is now available from Grey Street Studios, Inc. You can include this important visual with your regular marketing. Give your potential buyers all the information they need to evaluate the amazing benefits of your homes. With an aerial video view, they can see for themselves the surrounding properties and amenities they will enjoy as owners of this home. Making the investment in a quality aerial view will save you both time and money in the long run. Rather than chauffeuring your buyers all around the neighborhood, they can sit in comfort and be given the grand tour. And that tour will take them to places they couldn't drive to. Places like along the beach at sunset or through the trails in the early morning light become more than something you tell them about. T hey become clear and concrete as your video shows them the big picture.

If you're interested in finding out more about how aerial photography can market your properties, please contact us.

Sep 04 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: Charleston, south carolina

Grey Street Studios is ready and waiting for you to take advantage of our services; here are four reasons to count on our photography skills to help you market your New Home Construction.

  • First thing: We will produce photos that any potential buyers can relate to. You want your buyers to feel that the new home construction is a place they can see themselves calling home. Our photos will show the home in good light making it appear warm and inviting. 

                                                                                                          Tupelo Forest-Landrum

  • Second thing: We have the best equipment for the job. Any shadows, or obstructions that take away from the appearance can really discourage potential buyers. This is because any sign of shadows make the home appear dark and even unwelcoming. We have equipment that allows us to take photos with the best possible lighting. Plus, we have the resources needed for editing the photos to hide any obstructions and then further enhance any room to give it even more light. 

                                                                                                         Tupelo Forest-Landrum   

  • Third thing: We have the right skill set. With degrees in photography and years of experience in helping new home construction builders market their homes, you can be sure that you can count on us for your marketing needs. Take some time to learn more about our skill sets just to reassure you we will enhance all the hard work that has gone into your home construction.

                                                                                                         Tupelo Forest-Landrum

  • Forth thing: We will provide you with enough images that you can use for potential buyers to be able to go through a virtual tour on your site. Not only is this interactive, but it is an extremely effective way for your potential buyers to feel that they are actually inside of the home that allows them to see just how livable it can be for them in the future. 

                                                                                                Tupelo Forest-Landrum

Take a look at our portfolio of previous images, then please Contact Us. You will see based on our portfolio that we can truly help to provide you with the highest quality images for your marketing needs. 

Aug 28 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: charleston, south Carolina

Capturing a builder model homes aesthetics requires a diligent approach that is above-and-beyond what a cellphone, or single-lense camera, might offer.

As craftsmen, builders recognize the benefit of featuring their finished home in the most advantageous way possible; too, they understand the importance of outsourcing such projects to an architectural photographer, like Grey Street Studios.

Often, builders make the mistake of following a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach; this, without knowing how to compose an image; how to use natural lighting correctly. More importantly, when it comes to enhancing a very expensive feature a a model home---its windows!---little skill is shown by the DIY-er in obtaining window images that actually bring in the exterior view from outside.

When considering the exterior views to help show the model home in its setting, the trained architectural photographer understands the importance of framing the scene in context to it’s surroundings. Often, this might mean using a  different lens to create the right effect.

For example, professionals know when to use a telephoto lens: it obviously magnifies the subject from a distance, but the lens is actually restricted in its view.

They also know how direct sun can make huge changes to the setup: stronger contrasts with highlighted shapes and patterns; shooting exteriors on an overcast day can soften the frame and show colors and tones often lost in stronger light.

Experienced architectural photographers often use a special “tilt-shift” lens---it’s also called a perspective control lens---to obtain wide-angle shots without worry of distortions.

Ever wonder why professionals are always making changes to the camera’s “F Stop” ?

Many reasons, but the most important is to maintain the right depth-of field of the home’s environment: inside and out (Rule: small F Stop means slower shutter speeds and need for a tripod!)

The next time you’re thinking about using your tablet to take photos of your Masterpiece, or call that nephew who just bought a new digital camera,contact us.


Aug 25 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location:Pinellas Park, FL, Florida

Everyone has seen some photos of architecture that struck them as particularly beautiful.  What is it about certain photos that makes them stand out while others seem to fade into the background?  At times, it’s the beauty of the landscape around the architecture that attracts the viewer.  At other times, it’s the fact that the home or building seems to be well-maintained with landscaped lawns and flowerbeds around it.  In each case, there is an element of harmony with the environment.

The Juxtaposition of Nature and the Home

If the landscape had been photographed by itself, it’s likely that it would have been eye-catching but not quite as eye-catching as it is with the home in it.  It’s the fusion of these two elements that helps to create a striking architectural photograph.  The irregularity of nature when combined with the geometric shape of a home produces a stunning combination.

                                                               Richman Properties-Epic at Gateway Centre

The Contrast Between Neat and Messy

Even when it comes to other aspects of architectural photography, it’s the juxtaposition of two elements, one irregular and one regular, that makes the photograph more beautiful.  When an architectural photographer captures a living room, it helps to have everything, or almost everything, in its place.  It always draws the eye when one thing is out of place.  For example, you could have a sofa and armchairs with neatly arranged pillows on them but introduce one element to indicate that the house is lived in, such as a chenille throw carelessly draped over the arm of the sofa.  The juxtaposition of everything neatly kept with one element that is out of place increases the beauty of the photograph.

                                                             Richman Properties-Epic at Gateway Centre

The Similarity Between Fashion and Architectural Photography

Even when it comes to fashion nowadays, the trend is to be artlessly messy.  It’s the element of spontaneity in the photograph that makes it memorable.  Of course, the model usually wears a flawless outfit with flawless hair and makeup.  But it’s that one stray strand of hair, the strap falling off a shoulder or that look of careless enjoyment on the model’s face that makes the photograph more memorable.  The same technique is applicable to architectural photography.

Contact us for striking architectural photographs that take advantage of this technique of the juxtaposition of two elements.