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Mar 18 2016
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder


Melissa A. Chaumont is the new Senior Account Manager at Grey Street Studios, Inc., a

nationwide architectural photography company based in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Astounding

single-family and multi-family housing architectural photography is the hallmark of Grey Street

and they have brought a personal touch to every project since 2001.


“Grey Street Studios has been built over the last 15 years on solid business relationships and

exceptional customer service.  I am excited and honored to have Melissa on our team to further

develop these relationships and help guide us to an even stronger company.”

-Brian Swartzwelder, Owner


Chaumont is a proud Tampa native, where she studied at USF and began her career in

marketing.  Her continued interest and involvement in planning and development led her to a

career in the building industry.   She is now taking on the role of client relations and marketing

at Grey Street Studios. Chaumont is well known for her abilities in team building and project



“It is a privilege to remain in the building industry as vital part of Grey Street Studios.  I look

forward to not only contributing to our talented team but also developing even stronger

customer service and business relationships with our valued clients.” says Melissa.

Contact Melissa today at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  




Mar 09 2016
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: Washington D.C

 We live in a world where there is a large dependence on technology and the internet. Since there is such a high dependence on technology, it is important for businesses or websites to market themselves properly. 

Architectural photography provides you with images that showcase your model homes in the perfect lighting. Architectural photographers know how to capture the outside and inside lighting. With perfect lighting and the right equipment, the photos of your home will look absolutely flawless. The right images of your homes or home projects will attract more potential home buyers.

It can be difficult for you to capture the true essence of your home with the traditional photography. You need high-quality photographs that will showcase your creative ability and the gift of building homes. You want to use these photos as a way to showcase every angle of your homes, and you want to highlight all the features that you know will attract buyers. 

When you want to showcase the entire building process, from beginning to end, you will certainly be on the winning side when you choose to use architectural photography. You can use these images to promote your homes and your entire business.

If you do not already have a professional website to showcase your homes, you should certainly consider creating one. Many people rely on the internet for information. So, if you have a website they can go to, you will be able to improve your brand and the amount of homes that are sold. 

If you want to present high-quality photos of your homes, contact us today to find out how an architectural photographer can make a difference in your online presence.

Feb 10 2016
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder

Do you want to give potential home buyers the opportunity to view your homes whenever they want? With custom high-end virtual tours, you can give them the exact feel of actually walking through all of your model homes. Buyers can go to your website by using their computers, phones, or tablets and move from room to room by clicking the various links provided.


Potential home buyers can start at the front door and see every room that you have built. A virtual tour will do a fantastic job of giving you a feel of actually living in the home. Since home buyers are usually very busy, they do not always have the opportunity to make appointments to view homes.

Since home buyers are usually very busy, they do not always have the opportunity to make appointments to view homes. A virtual home tour will give potential home buyers the opportunity to decide if the home is worth viewing in person.

Many home buyers will go to several different locations in order to find the dream home they want. When people from across the globe can view your model homes, you may be surprised at how many requests for appointments you will receive. 

We know that a custom high-end virtual tour will not replace someone actually walking around the home and seeing everything in person, but it is certainly a great start. If you are interested in allowing people to view your model homes from the comfort of their current location, contact us today.

Dec 29 2015
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder

To really give people a sense of the building you want to show off or the business you want to promote, custom high-end virtual tours can be the best personal experience you can offer at a distance. Clear, sharp, brilliant panoramic photographs stitched together sky to floor and sweeping around the viewer bring reality right to the desktop of potential clients. With the mouse, the keyboard, or the touchpad your visitors can move from room to room and pass their eyes over the walls, the windows, the backyards, the showrooms of your real-estate.

Take website visitors on a tour of your Tampa Bay neighborhoods. Let them see where your property is located and what it looks like from any angle. Give them the freedom to look through the rooms and up the stairways. You can add stereophonic sound to produce an immersive experience that people won't soon forget.

This kind of visual communication has been a dream since the days of stereoscopes and Cinerama. Now, the high-speed potential of today's home computers and the capabilities of the internet make it possible.

People have an innate distrust of straight photography, especially when it comes to real estate and other business applications. One of the most important sales advantages of the 360 degree tour is the building of trust. Straight framed photographs give the viewer no choice. The photographer is the one who makes decisions about what the camera is pointed at and what is excluded.

The use of virtual touring puts those choices in the hands of the viewer. The viewer can look where he or she wishes, even (within technical limits) moving closer to important details for a better view. In many ways the 360 degree virtual tour is better than the stereoscopic tour that preceded it. The stereoscopic view tempts the viewer to look behind things, but there is no real possibility of that.

Virtual reality is in its infancy. Although the consumer technology is on its way, it will require an elaborate combination of viewing hardware and software. The 360 degree tour is here and available now using technology that is present in almost every home. Take a look at what it can do and imagine how it can attract business. Grey Street Studios, Inc can make the immersive photographic experience a reality for your Tampa Bay area business. Please contact us to find out more.