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Oct 23 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: Key largo, Florida

There are certain benefits to giving customers the overall feel of the house.  This is something you can do with photographs taken from a distance and with aerial photography.  That first view of the house is very likely to draw the customer in.  But once they get in, you also have to show them the interior of the home and convince them that they’ll actually be happy there.  You’re not just selling the idea of the home but all the practical aspects as well.

First Impressions

Think of the process of buying a home as being similar to the process of dating someone.  The first thing you notice about them is how they look.  Are they attractive?  Are they your “type”?  This is similar to the first view of the house, taken from the exterior.  And this first impression is important.  After all, you’re not going to continue to date someone that you don’t find attractive.  Similarly, you won’t really want to explore the possibility of a house if you don’t like how it looks from the outside.

Homes by West Bay- Union Park- Key Largo

Looks vs. Personality

But first impressions can only draw you in so much.  If you don’t like your date’s personality, then you’re not going to want to see them again.  If you find that they talk too loudly, criticize you a lot and pick fights with people when they don’t have to, you may not want to stay with them no matter how beautiful they are.

Similarly, when it comes to a house, it may be beautiful from the outside and this attracts the customer at first glance.  But they also need to see that the house has the right personality for them.  It needs to have the right number of rooms.  The rooms need to be spacious.  The kitchen needs to be well-equipped.  The floors need to be well done, either in wood or carpeting.  The windows need to be well-placed so that they give enough light and look over a nice view, if possible.

Homes by West Bay- Union Park- Key Largo

Matching the House to the Customer

Different people have different requirements.  So the best you can do is give them a custom high-end virtual tour that will take them to every nook and cranny of the house, from the interiors of the closets to a close up of the roofing tiles.

When you’re getting into a relationship with someone, you may not get fully acquainted with their personality right away.  It’s something that takes time.  When it comes to a house, however, the customer can see every part of it right away and therefore make the best decision.  Contact us for more information on selling your model home with custom high end virtual tours.

Oct 20 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: Jacksonville, Florida

When you begin new home construction, you do so with a certain vision in your mind.  You’re trying to create an overall picture of the home and its surroundings, whether the home is an apartment building or a house.  Maybe you’re attracted by certain architectural features.  Or maybe you’re trying to create the ideal environment to raise a family.  There are many things to consider when building a home, depending on the kind of clientele you want to attract and the image you want to project.

Courtland Partner- Aqua- Deerwood 

Project a Family Image

At Grey Street Studios, we’re here to help you extend that vision, that image of yourself and your company via architectural photography.  Depending on what type of image you want to project, we’ll be here to take the architectural photographs that correspond.

For example, if you want to project the image of a company that is building family homes, you’ll want to emphasize how a family can be made comfortable in the homes you’re constructing.  You’ll need to make the living room look homey and comfortable enough for a family.  You’ll probably also want to decorate the kids rooms in ways that will appeal to them and their parents.

We’ll help you to recreate that snug feeling in the living room that will give it the appearance of a family retreat.  Little girls’ rooms can be made to look like they just stepped out of fairy tales while boys’ rooms can combine bold colors with ease of movement.

Courtland Partner- Aqua- Deerwood 

Appealing to Singles

On the other hand, if your company is known for appealing more to singles, you’ll want to create an aura of conviviality within the home.  Whether it’s an apartment or a house, it should look like the kind of place where you’ll want to invite people over and have a good time.  It should also look like the sort of place where you could easily get to meet people.

Families and singles have different priorities and these can be emphasized through architectural photography.  Whether you think your clients are going to be raising children or dating, we can take the photographs to convince them that your new home construction is the right place to be doing so.  Contact us for more information about architectural photography, its aims and the techniques it uses to get your message across.

Oct 13 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project Location: Orlando, Orange County, Florida

If you’re an architectural photographer, then you see everything through the lens of your camera.  You can’t help thinking about whether the things you come across in your daily life will make good photographs.  The basics of composition are always with you.  You’re constantly taking photos with your eyes in which you keep trying to create a balanced image.

Balancing Color

This idea of balance is a complex one and can be applied to colors as well as silhouettes.   In terms of color, you create a balanced photo by making sure that no one part of the photo is too heavy in terms of color.  For example, if you were photographing a vibrant sunset but the bottom part of the photo was full of dull colors because the sun was setting over a patch of earth, then you would have a lopsided photo.  But if you were photographing the sun setting over water, then the reflection of the sunset would likely make sure that the bottom part of the photo was also equally vibrant.

Balancing Silhouette

In terms of silhouette, the idea is to make sure that no one part of the photo is too “busy.”  If you’re photographing a living room, for example, you wouldn’t want to push all the furniture over to one side and have the other side be a blank slate.  Even if the colors of the furniture and the colors of the wall are equally vibrant, you’ll still have too much going on on one side of the photo and not the other.

Breaking the Rules of Composition

Sometimes, however, it helps to break the rules in some way.  You can create distinctive photographs which are not completely balanced, which break the rules of symmetry but are beautiful all the same.  The Western aesthetic is to keep everything balanced but the Japanese aesthetic is about asymmetry and fully capturing the beauty of that one thing, whether it’s a great view from a window, a gravel path leading up to a door or a striking piece of vintage furniture. 


Contact us for more information about architectural photography which conforms to and breaks the rules of good composition.

Oct 10 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project: Taylor Morrison- Fiddlers Creek

If someone told you that architectural photography's sole purpose was to ‘tell a story,’ you may have to think a little harder on that one. Or, maybe not.

After all,  when you see the results of a true professional, one who is able to capture the color, the angles and the setting, he has succeeded in creating a form of narrative expressing all the attributes of the home.

Fiddlers Creek-Lazio

And that’s not an easy thing to do: the web is littered with bad house photography; this, because that all-important “narrative” was dismissed as unimportant. Instead, fledgling wannabes---and maybe a few master builders, too!--- grabbed their cell phones, or view-finder snapshot camera, to quickly point-and-shoot in order to get their half-a-million dollar, customized home ‘out there.’


What’s needed before that first ‘click’ happens is an understanding of the home and its site. And, no, the subject may not always be that ‘pretty’ or easy to convey. Problems can, and do, present themselves in even the best designed and constructed homes.

Fiddlers Creek-Lazio

As such, it’s up to the architectural photography to do some ‘problem solving’ in scoping out the exteriors and interiors. No doubt, a priority list will be made before the shutters begin their magic. How can a small bathroom, for example, still draw the viewer into it? Can an interior shot utilize the outside landscaping to create the right ambience, even though the house sits on a small lot?

Finding the right architectural photographer means finding comfort with their portfolio of residential spaces. Generally, their work shows they are excellent communicators and well-versed in setting the right shutter speeds, F-stops, lens selections and all of their other quirky techniques necessary to create that Narrative.

Fiddlers Creek-Lazio

Contact us. Discover how our ‘practiced eye’ can move your  commercial construction project, or residential home, into the realm of showcase properties.