Thursday, August 06, 2020
Nov 24 2014
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project: Mattamy Homes- Triple Creek

Developers and contractors who are making plans to build a new mall, casino or a housing development often put 'site evaluation' at the top of their priority list.

What’s often needed is the kind of ‘view’ that only a professional photographer can provide from the air. For sure, aerial photography carried out by a proven firm like GreyStreetStudio can be a key element in site evaluations; this, before financing is locked in and permits are issued.


Documenting each stage of construction from beginning to completion establishes a sequential timeline for owners, bankers and investors. Often , the aerial shots can be used as a briefing tool as well as a method of pinpointing needed staging areas for material.

What’s more, if there are ever any issues with subs, having visual record of the site may assist in determining who’s at fault. Too, aerial photographer can be relied on to help identify any problem areas before ground is even broken.


Mistakenly, some contractors may see aerial photography as overkill, therefore not a necessary tool to promote their business. On the contrary, the right aerial photos, and their resultant prints, can go a long way in furthering the capabilities of the contractor either in his promotional brochures, website or on the wall of that most-favored client.

For high-end construction projects, many of the decision makers, like investors, value a collection of such photographs as they find it difficult to take the time to do a their own ‘site evaluations.’ Consequently, boardrooms, developers and contractors come to rely on aerial shots to keep them informed on the progress.


Much like the architectural photography of interiors and exteriors on-site, the aerial photographer must know about camera angles from the air; how sunlight will affect the overall objective of the shoot, and what altitude will work in the photographer's favor.

Ultimately, it is not about a quick flight up over the site to click a few hundred frames in hopes of capturing what the client is expecting: excellent and consistent work...on every assignment.

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