Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Jan 07 2013

Grey Street Studios Architectural Photography is now offering low-flying aerial photography and video!  This is accomplished with a remote controlled flying quad-copter.  Our Photographer uses Video Goggles to view exactly what the copter mounted camera is seeing in real time in order to frame the perfect shot. 


This Method of Aerial Photography offers a ton of advantages over traditional aerial photography to the New Homes Sales and Master Planned Community Development market.  It is more cost effective than chartering a full sized helicopter.  More importantly than that is that a helicopter cannot fly below 300-500 ft without risking safety and violating law, thus you end up with photography of a bunch of rooftops which isn't too appealing to the eye.  Just a little height makes a huge difference in a viewers perspective.  With our Copter Camera we can capture all our footage from 20-300 feet off the ground giving much more of a birds-eye-view rather than the view out of an airplane. 


The still images are a great marketing tool to showcase the features, lakes, preserves and streetscapes your community has to offer.  The Video we can capture is even more advanced with the feeling of a bird flying through your community viewing each feature and amenity you have to offer a new homeowner once they move into your community!