Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Dec 29 2015
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder

To really give people a sense of the building you want to show off or the business you want to promote, custom high-end virtual tours can be the best personal experience you can offer at a distance. Clear, sharp, brilliant panoramic photographs stitched together sky to floor and sweeping around the viewer bring reality right to the desktop of potential clients. With the mouse, the keyboard, or the touchpad your visitors can move from room to room and pass their eyes over the walls, the windows, the backyards, the showrooms of your real-estate.

Take website visitors on a tour of your Tampa Bay neighborhoods. Let them see where your property is located and what it looks like from any angle. Give them the freedom to look through the rooms and up the stairways. You can add stereophonic sound to produce an immersive experience that people won't soon forget.

This kind of visual communication has been a dream since the days of stereoscopes and Cinerama. Now, the high-speed potential of today's home computers and the capabilities of the internet make it possible.

People have an innate distrust of straight photography, especially when it comes to real estate and other business applications. One of the most important sales advantages of the 360 degree tour is the building of trust. Straight framed photographs give the viewer no choice. The photographer is the one who makes decisions about what the camera is pointed at and what is excluded.

The use of virtual touring puts those choices in the hands of the viewer. The viewer can look where he or she wishes, even (within technical limits) moving closer to important details for a better view. In many ways the 360 degree virtual tour is better than the stereoscopic tour that preceded it. The stereoscopic view tempts the viewer to look behind things, but there is no real possibility of that.

Virtual reality is in its infancy. Although the consumer technology is on its way, it will require an elaborate combination of viewing hardware and software. The 360 degree tour is here and available now using technology that is present in almost every home. Take a look at what it can do and imagine how it can attract business. Grey Street Studios, Inc can make the immersive photographic experience a reality for your Tampa Bay area business. Please contact us to find out more.