Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Aug 20 2015
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project: Northland Investment Corporation

Photography is an art form. Today art is combined with technology to showcase many new views of our landscapes. The technology and availability of new photography equipment has made aerial photography a popular option for those looking to showcase their model homes.

Aerial photography allows photographers to capture your property at angles that you can not get by standing on the ground. With aerial photography, you can capture full angles in one photograph. Also, the ability to survey the rooftops of your model homes are another reason why you should consider aerial photography instead of ground-based photography. 

Photos shot by an aerial photographer can definitely be used as a magnet to attract more interest in your properties. If your model homes are surrounded by trees, these photos are certainly useful. You can showcase all the amazing qualities of the areas surrounding your properties.

With one photo, you can show the potential of the property and the model home. With ground photography, you may have to use up to ten pictures just to give an overall summary of your model home. Aerial photography provides your potential buyers with a comprehensible view in one single photo. 

If you want to provide potential buyers with the opportunity to see your model home and everything surrounding it, such as the nearby locations, the roads, and other things, you can achieve this with aerial photography. Grey Street Studios, Inc. can give you professional aerial photography. Contact us today for more information.