Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Apr 29 2015
Article by: Tampa Architectural Photographer Brian Swartzwelder
Project :JBM- Mandalay on 4th

Aerial Photography is an incredible way to document and showcase architecture and landscape. One of the first applications of the airplane was aerial photography; in fact it was the main reason development of the airplane took off! Even though the classic image of World War One aviation is a massed dogfight between nimble scouts, most aerial combat revolved around reconnaissance flights. In fact, most of the early aces of the war were attached to reconnaissance units before transferring to fighters. Combat would usually consist of aircraft equipped with cameras making an intrusion into enemy airspace, and the resulting fracas between them, escorts, and interceptors. In World War II, reconnaissance became an essential part of battlefield operations. Stripped-down fighters souped up for high altitude were fitted with large, intricate cameras that allowed them to rocket through enemy territory. The photos they t ook were crucial to commanders making informed decisions.

When humans turned their attention to the vast reaches of the Arctic and Antarctic, airplanes provided the surest method of exploring these vast and inhospitable regions. British Navy Captain Robert Falcon Scott made the first flyover of Antarctica in 1902. Nine years later Ernest Shackleton took the first aerial photographs of the continent, and in 1929, U.S. Navy Commander Richard Byrd and crew became the first to fly over both poles, taking fantastic pictures all the way. These pictures helped connect the public from the world over to the exploration of these distant unknown regions.   

These days, in more peaceful times, aerial photography has become a hot hobby among licensed pilots and drone enthusiasts. As drones become more popular, they offer a cheaper alternative to owning your own airplane. With a good screen, you can see the view from on high in real-time while safely on the ground. Many pilots offer aerial tours and work with photographers to capture images of professional buildings and private residences.

Grey Street Studios, Inc. is a great example of a business that focuses on architectural work for completed model homes for the new home construction industry and master-planned communities for developers.

Contact them to learn how they can help you explore the visual reaches of your property! Whatever method you use to get up there, aerial photography can help you share the excitement and unique perspective of seeing everyday places from a high vantage point.