Architectural Photography: Juxtaposing Divergent Elements To Create Disruptive Harmony

Everyone has seen some photos of architecture that struck them as particularly beautiful.  What is it about certain photos that makes them stand out while others seem to fade into the background?  At times, it’s the beauty of the landscape around the architecture that attracts the viewer.  At other times, it’s the fact that the home or building seems to be well-maintained with landscaped lawns and flowerbeds around it.  In each case, there is an element of harmony with the environment.

Kolter Homes – Alton

The Juxtaposition of Nature and the Home

If the landscape had been photographed by itself, it’s likely that it would have been eye-catching but not quite as eye-catching as it is with the home in it.  It’s the fusion of these two elements that helps to create a striking architectural photograph.  The irregularity of nature when combined with the geometric shape of a home produces a stunning combination.

Kolter Homes – Alton

The Contrast Between Neat and Messy

Even when it comes to other aspects of architectural photography, it’s the juxtaposition of two elements, one irregular and one regular, that makes the photograph more beautiful.  When an architectural photographer captures a living room, it helps to have everything, or almost everything, in its place.  It always draws the eye when one thing is out of place.  For example, you could have a sofa and armchairs with neatly arranged pillows on them but introduce one element to indicate that the house is lived in, such as a chenille throw carelessly draped over the arm of the sofa.  The juxtaposition of everything neatly kept with one element that is out of place increases the beauty of the photograph.

Kolter Homes – Alton

The Similarity Between Fashion and Architectural Photography

Even when it comes to fashion nowadays, the trend is to be artlessly messy.  It’s the element of spontaneity in the photograph that makes it memorable.  Of course, the model usually wears a flawless outfit with flawless hair and makeup.  But it’s that one stray strand of hair, the strap falling off a shoulder or that look of careless enjoyment on the model’s face that makes the photograph more memorable.  The same technique is applicable to architectural photography.

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