Architectural Photography To Create a Striking, Unique Work of Art

Everyone’s come across at least one photograph or piece of art that they’ve simply fallen in love with.  You may not always know why that particular landscape or portrait appeals to you so much.  It just does.  Maybe it’s the fact that the eyes of the woman in the picture look so melancholy despite the fact that she’s quite beautiful.  Or maybe it’s just the idea of infinity that you get when you look at the sea which reminds you of all the adventures waiting for you in the world.  Either way, there has to be something about the photograph that catches your eye, something that makes you pause and look at it harder.

George Lai Construction

Emphasizing Uniqueness

These are the kinds of photographs that we’re trying to take for you at Grey Street Studios.  Our aim is not just to produce cookie-cutter architectural photography of different model homes that always looks the same but to create a work of art that demands attention.  In order to do this, we take the unique features of each home, the thing that makes that home eye-catching, striking or distinctive and we emphasize that.

George Lai Construction

Creating a Certain Feel

The thing that makes your model home different from all others might be its location, its design or its interiors.  At Grey Street Studios, we consider both, the exterior and the interior of the home and we come up with architectural photographs that will embed themselves in the viewer’s imagination.  Of course, you want to emphasize the practical aspects of the home—its spaciousness, versatility, appliances etc.  However, you also want to create a picture of how the home will make a person feel.

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