Architectural Photography To Capture the Intention Behind the Photo

Sometimes, people think that architectural photography is bound to be dull or dry because it doesn’t contain any human subjects.  You’re just photographing an empty home.  So it’s bound to look, well, empty.  However, this is completely untrue because there are many examples of things that are inanimate but which come alive within a photograph or a painting.  There’s a long tradition of painting still lifes and landscapes, none of which are necessarily alive.  Still, there are still lifes and landscapes which are full of life.

Toll Brothers – Venice Woodlands

Imagining the People Who Live in the Home

Architectural photography can also be full of life.  This happens when you consider the model home as something that has been built by and for human beings.  It’s a structure which has been lovingly constructed so that people will be able to make it their home.  To make an architectural photo come alive, you have to imagine that people actually live in that home.  Maybe they just stepped away for a minute but will be right back.  And you’re just taking a photo in their absence.

While doing so, you can see exactly how that living room is a really comfy place for friends and family to hang out.  Maybe you can picture them sitting back in those chairs and warming themselves by the fireplace.  Does one of them have a cup of coffee on the table?  Are kids sprawled out on the floor with their coloring books and building blocks?  Until and unless you can actually see the family that lives in the home and imagine their dreams and aspirations, you might have trouble making your architectural photos come alive.

Toll Brothers – Venice Woodlands

Capturing Intention in Photos

At Grey Street Studios, we don’t just specialize in photographing architecture but also people.  The people may not actually be in the photographs but their presence is felt throughout.  This is why our photos appeal to people who are looking to buy a home.  A photo doesn’t just capture a place but also the intention behind the photographer’s actions.  Contact us for architectural photographs that will present your model home as an ideal place to live.