Architectural Photography to Appeal to a Young, Hip Crowd, Families and an Older Clientele

When it comes to architectural photography, people just think of it as another part of the process of selling a builder model home.  However, architectural photography doesn’t have to be routine.  It can be unique to the home or development that you’re trying to sell.  Rather than making your home look like any other model home, we’re here to help you make it look unique so that you can appeal to the segment of the population that you’re trying to reach.

Toll Brothers – Lakeshore

Photographs To Appeal to a Young, Hip Crowd

If you’re selling what are these days referred to as “starter homes,” your clientele is going to be on the younger side.  To appeal to a young, hip crowd, you need to do up your interiors in a way that will speak to them.  You’re not trying to project an aura of security and stability.  Instead, you’re going for creativity and fresh ideas.  So exposed brick, distressed paint, floor-to-ceiling windows and modern furniture will all help to create the kind of look that attracts young, creative types.  If your projected clientele works in graphic design, interior decoration, fashion or is simply a corporate type with an eye for the trends, s/he is sure to be attracted to this kind of home.

Photographs To Appeal to Families and an Older Clientele

If your projected clientele has already settled down with a couple of kids, you know that they’re going to be looking for more space.  We can help you to enhance the amount of space you have in your builder model home with skillfully taken architectural photographs.  If your projected customers are on the older side and their kids have already left home, they’re going to be looking for less space but more of the conveniences that are necessary for other people (fewer stairs, possible elevators, ease of movement between the different parts of the home).  Once again, we can help you with architectural photographs that will make it clear to these folks that they will be comfortable in their new home.

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