Architectural Photography is about planning and collaboration before that first frame is shot

As a successful home builder, you’ve mainly focused on tract, or production, homes. Now, you’re about to complete your first custom home. Realizing how much more you have tied up in a single home like this high-end house, you are anxious to market it.

To start with, you though you’d use the same marketing ‘formula’ that worked when selling the ‘production’ homes: price it right, add a lot of photos on the listing page and watch the dollars come in.


Beazer Homes – Heritage Oaks

But now, the stakes are higher, even though you’ve achieved a new level of construction, one that will require you to be more savvy about marketing it.

In the past, you took all of your own photos, following a point-and-shoot method that worked okay for your lower-end homes. But after you tried the same approach with your customer home, you realized all of its outstanding features were either in the shadows, or cropped out of the frame, and on and on.

But by collaborating with an experienced architectural photography firm, like Grey Street Studios, you quickly learned just how much you didn’t know about taking interior shots. Closing the drapes to make your camera ‘work’ was simply a newbie move. Now, your gallery is filled with vibrant photos capturing dynamic angles inside with a hint of the outside landscaping as well.

Beazer Homes – Heritage Oaks

What was really impressive was how Grey Street took the time to plan their shots to capture the home’s Wow! features, something that never stood out with your point-and-shoot photos.

Setting the mood, the right atmosphere and truly making your custom home a special place could only be achieved through the eyes of an architectural photographer of Grey Street’s reputation.

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