An architectural photographer shooting interiors moves furniture, adds lighting and changes lenses often to capture the moment

Composition: It plays a very vital role for the architectural photographer, particularly when shooting interiors. Just how crucial is it with a brand-new home that is staged, say, with furniture and accessories?

Isn’t it just a matter of taking ‘aim’ and shooting one room after another?

Not so. In fact, the key for the photographer is to mentally ‘frame’ the shots, and then choose the right lens and lighting to finish composing all the elements in the photo.

Taylor Morrison – Esplanade at the Heights

Often, that might mean moving furniture around a bit to highlight, or enhance, certain planes and angles of the room. For sure, lighting is also a key component to capturing the right atmosphere, be it formal, casual or a little bit of both.

What’s more, the natural lighting streaming in through windows or skylights is always a nice touch. Ideally, a mix of natural and portable lighting adds to bringing out the colors while adding that all-important depth to the finished photo.

Moreover, the photographer is always aware of his ‘foreground’ and ‘background’ when composing shots. For example, the practice eye will see how to make dark shadows play well against light spilling into a room. Maybe the effect intended is to add a glow behind small table’s sculpture, for example; or, a vase of flowers may become the focal point of the shot, making sure the colors and lines of the vase are accented properly.

Taylor Morrison – Esplanade at the Heights

Always, the photographer is thinking about which lens to use to get the right proportions from floor to ceiling; once that is established, the eye is taking in what’s seen from either side of the plane.

Meticulous attention to such details, and planning of each shot usually will mean less time spent in post-production on the finished photos.

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