Those first impressions in life carry over most meaningfully in the real estate industry where buyers and sellers—and builders—use their photo galleries to advance the qualities of their property to generate those all-important leads.

Factors lending themselves to professional, architectural photography might well include the following:

Neal Communities – Panther Ridge

Consider ‘natural light’…

A common procedure, when deemed appropriate, is to allow as much natural light as possible to come into the rooms. Of course, this is not a rule-of-thumb, but taking photos before “four in the afternoon” might enhance the shot when the sun is not too low.

The real pro ‘looks’ with the lens…

Most DIYers don’t think beyond get-in-and-get out to populate their photo galleries as quickly as possible in hopes of ‘snagging’ a lead or two.

The real pros will take aim through a ‘trial’ session, making sure each image they plan to shoot previews exactly how they want it. Removing cords in the photo, or adjusting other ‘gremlins’ is better to do through the camera than after the shoot.

Also, by spending time with each shot before hand, decisions on ‘vertical versus horizontal’ shots can be made more proficiently.

Neal Communities – Panther Ridge

The ‘optimal angle’…

One ‘trick’ used effectively is to utilize the wide-angle lens. This not only makes the room look better (without distortion, of course!), but by ‘hand holding’ the camera from a kneeling pose may give optimum control for the desired effect.

Give them something ‘unforgettable.’

That might entail a close-up using the right spot lighting and lens to capture features of the house representing those extra touches: crown molding in the living room, for example.

Neal Communities – Panther Ridge

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