An architectural photographer complements the master builder when it comes to understanding structures and landscapes

Thanks to the rebound in economic conditions, high-end builders are attracting “more affluent buyers.”  No doubt, this trend means more competition for that luxury dollar as buyers look for a range of amenities that often include “granite countertops, high ceilings and nailed-down hardwood floors.”

But builders eager to promote their custom-built homes may push back on letting an architectural photographer step in to administer the coup de grace to their package: a kick**** gallery for their website or promotional materials.

Homes by Westbay – Bexley Community

Instead, they may reach for their iPhone to try to capture the expanse of high ceilings, or the exterior shot at night with the landscape lighting in full glow: best to leave such subtleties to Grey Street Studios, an experienced architectural photography dedicated to helping master builders growth their businesses.

Simply put, a professional photographer understands how to ‘work with’ structures and landscapes much like the contractor who ‘sees’ beyond the blueprints to the finished home.

A critical component of architectural photography is working with scale and symmetry. Ultimately, the ‘lens’ must turn those hard, straight lines of the home’s interior into soft scenes that pull the viewer into the photo with the right balance of light and angles. The results should provide a sense of movement.

And like the master builder, it’s all about understanding the tools of the trade and applying the right technique to deliver the shot: focal lengths, bracketing and exposure lengths, to name just a few of the necessary ‘tools.

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