Aerial Videography: Providing a bird’s eye view with a Peter Pan twist

If you are in new home sales you know how important the ‘big picture’ is to your prospects when selling your
community. Guiding your clients through a beautifully decorated model home allows you to show- off the quality
construction of the builder and elegant features and appointments that are included in the home. However, your
buyers also want to know about the community and surrounding areas. The amenities, shopping options,
restaurants, walking trails, club house, local golf courses, etc. are HUGE selling points, yet can be challenging to
showcase. Many builders have come to utilize and rely on Aerial Photography to provide these images, however,
if you want to really impress and provide your customers with the most accurate information, consider giving them
the ‘Peter Pan’ experience…..Aerial Videography!

Have you ever dreamed that you were flying? One moment you’re safe on the ground and in an instant you’re
soaring above the earth looking down at all the places and spaces you love… you know, like Peter Pan. That’s the
experience your clients will have with aerial videography!

Kolter – Water Club

A Helicopter Ride with a Twist

Aerial videography is the most advanced, effective and unique marketing tool available today to deliver that
experience to your buyers. It allows them to literally experience the community from high above the ground! They
will soar over the community and the surrounding areas to get a feel of the ‘lifestyle’ that YOU can provide them! If
you’ve ever been on the Soarin’ ride at Disney World’s Epcot Center, you know how magical and breath taking it
is to view the world from high above.

Generally helicopters have always been the standard for basic aerial photography. They allow a photographer to
showcase an architectural showplace from a skybound view. A helicopter can rise high enough to photograph the
lay of the land; but its lowest legal elevation might be too high to capture the fine details you want to showcase.
Fortunately technological advances have vastly improved this aerial photography tradition and aerial videography
is the wave of the future!

Greystar – Terraces at Town Center

How does it work?

Aerial videography uses a remote controlled flying quad-copter, which is similar to a helicopter, only smaller, more
advanced and less expensive to use. The quad-copter can dip, dive, maneuver, and soar like a traditional
helicopter, but with its smaller size and mounted camera it can ease in low and close to capture images at a much
closer range. Yet is still versatile enough to capture landscaping, natural surroundings, architectural elements, or
a sweeping fantasy panorama.

The Photographer uses a Video Monitor to view exactly what the copter mounted camera is seeing in real time in
order to find and frame the perfect shot.

Kolter – Alton Park

The Reserves at Alafaya

This method of Aerial Photography offers many unique advantages over traditional aerial photography to the New
Homes Sales and Master Planned Community Development market. Firstly, it is more cost effective than
chartering a full sized helicopter. Secondly, and more importantly, a helicopter cannot fly below 300-500 ft without
risking safety and violating law, thus you end up with photography of a bunch of rooftops which isn’t too appealing
to the eye. Just a little height makes a huge difference in a viewer’s perspective. With the Copter Camera all
footage can be captured from 20-200 feet off the ground giving much more of a birds-eye-view rather than the
straight down view a helicopter or airplane.

The still images are a great marketing tool to showcase the features, lakes, preserves and streetscapes your
community has to offer. The video captured is even more advanced providing the feeling of a bird flying through
your community viewing each feature and amenity you have to offer a new homeowner!

Fourm – Overture at Hamlin

The photographer remains in control, yet even that is somewhat of a high tech fantasy. He operates the remote
controlled quad-copter from the ground, sending it to the perfect spot for the photos and video you want. The
results are amazing—an extremely close range view, courtesy of a keen artistic eye with a technological spin. In
other words, a bird’s eye view with a Peter Pan twist!

You may never be able to fly like Peter Pan, but when you view aerial footage of your favorite places on earth, it
will certainly feel like a flying fantasy brought to life.


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