Acquaint Your Customer with Your Home’s Personality with Custom High End Virtual Tours

There are certain benefits to giving customers the overall feel of the house.  This is something you can do with photographs taken from a distance and with aerial photography.  That first view of the house is very likely to draw the customer in.  But once they get in, you also have to show them the interior of the home and convince them that they’ll actually be happy there.  You’re not just selling the idea of the home but all the practical aspects as well.

First Impressions

Think of the process of buying a home as being similar to the process of dating someone.  The first thing you notice about them is how they look.  Are they attractive?  Are they your “type”?  This is similar to the first view of the house, taken from the exterior.  And this first impression is important.  After all, you’re not going to continue to date someone that you don’t find attractive.  Similarly, you won’t really want to explore the possibility of a house if you don’t like how it looks from the outside.

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Looks vs. Personality

But first impressions can only draw you in so much.  If you don’t like your date’s personality, then you’re not going to want to see them again.  If you find that they talk too loudly, criticize you a lot and pick fights with people when they don’t have to, you may not want to stay with them no matter how beautiful they are.

Similarly, when it comes to a house, it may be beautiful from the outside and this attracts the customer at first glance.  But they also need to see that the house has the right personality for them.  It needs to have the right number of rooms.  The rooms need to be spacious.  The kitchen needs to be well-equipped.  The floors need to be well done, either in wood or carpeting.  The windows need to be well-placed so that they give enough light and look over a nice view, if possible.

Holiday Builders – Talavera

Matching the House to the Customer

Different people have different requirements.  So the best you can do is give them a custom high-end virtual tour that will take them to every nook and cranny of the house, from the interiors of the closets to a close up of the roofing tiles.

When you’re getting into a relationship with someone, you may not get fully acquainted with their personality right away.  It’s something that takes time.  When it comes to a house, however, the customer can see every part of it right away and therefore make the best decision.  Contact us for more information on selling your model home with custom high end virtual tours.