Architectural Photography Setting the Mood

Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Every great architect is a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.” The same can be said for the professional architectural photographer.

Have you ever flipped through the pages of a magazine and stopped mid-flip when a photo catches your eye?  Most likely, the photo that stops you in your tracks is that of a beautiful home or building, captured in a way that makes you want to linger to appreciate and to absorb the ambiance and aesthetics of the place–just as the photographer planned when he took the shot.

Greystar – Terraces at Town Center

You may think that given the time and effort spent making your model home a showpiece, that you have the advantage when it comes to depicting it with the most provocative appeal.  But, it takes skill and practice to know how best to compose an iconic architectural photograph. An architectural photography service, like Grey Street Studios, uses the four qualities of light — color, contrast, direction, and intensity – to create just the right mood to entice potential customers.

Greystar – Terraces at Town Center

Still not convinced a professional is needed to achieve the most effective representation of your building?  The next time you watch a movie, turn off the sound, and pay close attention to the way the director uses color and light to create the mood of the scenes.  The right color and lighting can make a scene feel happy, sad, mysterious or even dangerous.  To further appreciate how closely we relate color and mood, consider how the two are connected in everyday speech.  We see red, feel blue and are green with envy.  The architectural photographer uses light to achieve predetermined emotional responses to both still shots and virtual tours.  A skilled photographer can produce the moods you want to invoke, such as cheer, gaiety, activity, and warmth or restfulness, coolness, romance, and intimacy.

Greystar – Terraces at Town Center

For those colorfully, emotional architectural photos and virtual tours that set the mood for high volume sales, hire Grey Street Studios.  It’s our business to tickle you pink while making your model homes look as good as gold.

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