Friday, December 14, 2018
Aug 09 2013

For new home builders and master-planned community designers, success is dependent on having an idea become reality. Sometimes it is difficult to express these ideas on paper or even clearly in person. Architectural Photography can provide home construction businesses and community planners the tool they need to get the idea across to potential clients. A Professional Architectural Photographer will use their experience to accentuate the key factors about a design that sets it apart from the rest.

Imagine a master-planned community is wanting to provide customers with a pamphlet detailing what it is like to live there. This community provided pictures of its own to the printers that they thought were adequate enough. After receiving the pamphlets from the printers, this community was shocked by how the homes were out of scale to their yards. These pamphlets made the real homes look smaller and much less desirable.

                      -Taylor Morrison Homes Old Memorial Community in Tampa, Florida

An architectural photographer is what this community needed to help prevent such a terrible outcome. These professional photographers use their years of study and experience to capture the luxury, the essence, and the reality of model homes and other developed properties. Architectural photography is a necessary expense so the project can be showcased professional.

Architectural photography can help define the real living space for which customers are looking. This images and photographs can give a developer another view by which to show to customers how they will be living on these properties. Architectural photography identifies what is unique about the designs of model homes and communities and displays them in a way that every person sees it in the same light, angle, and way. 

            -Taylor Morrison Homes Summerwind Community in Brea, California

Architectural photography is a non-disposable expense for model home builders and property developers. Architectural photographers use their experience to showcase how homes and buildings truly look. These photographers identify the key features about any design and focus the customer's attention on them. Having an architectural photographer can help give the same look to every customer no matter preference.

Grey Street Studios, Inc. provides photography services to clients that are looking to demonstrate the architecture of model homes, planned communities, and more. Please contact us so we can help you with information detailed to your specific needs.

Aug 01 2013

Roughly 1,000 people move to Florida each day. Each of those people is seeking a home and community, a place where they can fit in when they arrive in the state. Although these people want to come to Florida knowing they have a place to live, they do not always have the time to fully shop and prchase before they move to Florida. Grey Street Studios has provided a solution to that dilemma. With over 14 years of experience in the architectural photography business, we offer photography as well custom high-end virtual tours of your beautiful model homes as well as master-planned communities.

Our virtual tours start with a view of the front of the house. By clicking on the floor plans, pictures of most of the rooms come up. For the main living areas, 360 degree panoramic images are offered to allow people to see the entire room. This allows buyers to see the home and get a feel for the size of the homes before they purchase them.

                                        -Tour Sample of A Taylor Morrison Homes Model shot in Phoenix, Arizona

Virtual community tours are also offered through Grey Street Studios. Want potential buyers to see the community pool? We can do that for you. Interested in showing potential residents the fitness center? We do that as well. For many of our photographed communities, we have provided pictures of other community features including libraries, nature trails, and tennis courts. For some of these locations, we have photos from different angles and even photographs taken at different times of day to give people a better feel for the community. As with our home virtual tours, many of our community tours have 360 degree tours of all main locations. 

Because pictures of the model homes include furnishings and other things to help buyers see the buildings as a home, they can get a feel right away for if this home is for them. Half the work is already done as the buyers fall in love with the homes and communities from a distance. Then all that is left is having them physically view the home and officially decide this is the home for them.

If you are interested in having us create a virtual tour of your planned community contact us. You can also view examples of our virtual communities at

Jul 25 2013

The saying is, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” In the case of photographs of beautiful, newly built homes, that is the case. It would be hard to explain the beauty of newly completed cabinets or the wondrous mix of colors in the front yard garden. Even the way the sunset looks from the back porch is nearly impossible to explain in words.

Capturing the beauty of newly built homes and communities is architectural photographer, Brian Swartzwelder’s passion. With over 14 years of experience photographing new model homes and with architectural photography published in magazines such as Florida Investor Magazine and Home Trends Magazine, Swartzwelder and his company, Grey Street Studios, have established themselves as a legitimate source for your architectural photography needs.

Amalfi Apartment Community Clearwater Florida

Grey Street Studios offers photography with a variety of focuses. First, we have aerial videos. These allow the potential buyer to see an overview of the entire community. Through this, the buyer gets a feel for the placement and size of the buildings and other community features. Interior and exterior photographs are another great feature. Both give potential buyers a feel for the property and the community.

Often, we will even provide photographs taken at different points in the day to show potential occupants the beauty of that specific location with different natural lighting. As part of our services, we also do digital staging. This allows us to take out things which are blocking the way such as fences or sales flags. We also add in furniture and other features to make the house feel more like a home and allow buyers to better visualize themselves in the home.

Quinterra Taylor Morrison Community Orange County California

A wonderful feature we provide combines many of our different services to create virtual tours of the homes. Through this, people can see the layout of the homes, see how each room in the house looks, and in many cases take a 360 degree tour of certain rooms in the home. Our virtual tours can also extend to tours of the housing community. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us.

Jul 11 2013

Have you ever dreamed that you were flying? One moment you're safe on the ground and in an instant you’re soaring above the places and spaces you love... you know, like Peter Pan. That's the experience you get with aerial photography. Photos and video captured just above the rooftops can have a fantasy feel if they're done just right.

A Helicopter Ride With a Twist
Helicopters have always been the standard for aerial photography. They allow a photographer to showcase an architectural showplace from a skybound view. A helicopter can rise high enough to photograph the lay of the land; but its lowest legal elevation might be a little bit too high to capture the fine details you want. Fortunately technological advances have vastly improved this aerial photography tradition.
A remote controlled flying quadcopter is like a helicopter only better, and it's less expensive to use. It can dip, dive, maneuver, and soar like a traditional helicopter. With a mounted camera it can be versatile enough to capture landscaping, natural surroundings, architectural elements, or a sweeping fantasy panorama that includes everything. A quad-copter with a mounted camera is small enough to ease in low and close for sweet, tight shots that you'll love.

How does it work?
The photographer remains in control, yet even that is somewhat of a high tech fantasy. He operates the remote controlled quadcopter from the ground, sending it to the perfect spot for the photos you want. results are amazing-- a bird's eye view, courtesy of a keen artistic eye with a technological spin.
You may never be able to fly like Peter Pan, but when you view aerial footage of your favorite places on earth, it will certainly feel like a flying fantasy brought to life. Contact us and we'll tell you more about the newest techniques in aerial photography.