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Sep 26 2013

Have you ever wondered how you can achieve stunning bird-eye view of your development project? Aerial photography is a technique used capture these unique perspectives of an area. One way to go about doing this is with an R/C helicopter, which flies at around 200 feet or lower. R/C copter are great because they can capture great views in the hands of an enthusiastic and passionate photographer. In the past companies that wanted this eye in the sky perspective needed a helicopter, a pilot, and a skilled photographer to achieve the look. Now, however, all you need is a professional photographer with a love of R/C copters and the right copter.

Not just any R/C copter will work for aerial photography. No, to achieve the best photos, the helicopter chosen for the job must have a gyroscope on it. This gyroscope is what keeps the copter level to produce clear photographs. However, that's not all that's important. The airframe must be big enough to support and lift the camera, while the gimbal needs to offer control and a good viewing system. An electric motor driven copter is often used because the vibration is lessened, offering better images.

Having a good helicopter is only half the battle, though. A good photographer is comfortable flying the equipment, has a keen eye for layout, and knows all the regulations for flying the endearing little copter. Did you know that all R/C flyers have to be aware of and abide by FAA regulations, any regulations put forth by the Notices to Airmen (NOTAM), as well as the temporary flight restriction (TFR) data elements? Together, all these administrations put forth the guidelines not only what is safe, but what is also acceptable. This includes guidelines as to how far to fly the copter away from power lines and rules about airspace.

Even after all this, though, there are a few advantages to using an R/C helicopter for aerial photography. It's not only cost effective, but it's environmentally friendly since the R/C copters don't use fuel, just a battery, and they create less noise. With a skilled photographer and flyer behind the controls, you can also achieve breathtaking and unique photos of your environment.

If you are interested in portraying your new property with aerial photography, I'd love to talk to you.

Sep 13 2013

John was very excited. He and his business partner managed to get the first six homes built on schedule albeit just a little over budget. John’s idealistic views on what makes a house a dream home sometimes has his partner complaining about costs. From sound dampened hard wood floors, to quartz countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, and even the putting greens John expertly constructed to blend with the stunning landscaping in the back yards; these houses are unique. 

Unwittingly, John had but his new business in a quandary. In building these dream homes, they invested a lot more than other builders in the area did. The Orlando market is flush with new homes, which on the surface, are similar to what John and his partner built, but listed for less. 

John and his partner listed the houses in the traditional way and fielded many calls, most of them ending with John trying to sell the value added features saying, “If you saw it in person you would love it.” 

You see, the nature of Orlando is that most new home buyers are coming from other states and they are doing their shopping focused on the most common data points; square footage, rooms, bathrooms, acreage, and the big one—price.

Price is where John lost potential buyers every time. If they could just get some buyers to walk through one of these homes they would get their asking price. With payments due John and his partner decided to bite the bullet and lower their asking price. They’d lose a little oh each house but could just call it a rookie mistake. However, before they had the chance to change the listings, kismet struck during a phone call with a potential buyer. “I’m interested,” the buyer said, “Could you send me a link to the virtual tour?” 

After sheepishly admitting that he had no virtual tour to offer, John promised the buyer that he would remedy that situation promptly. After hanging up the phone, John went straight to the Internet and quickly saw the light. He called his partner immediately saying, “This is what we need, a custom high-end virtual tour!”

After researching the photographers in the area offering custom high-end virtual tours, viewing portfolios, and reading testimonials, they decided on someone with education, experience, and creative vision—Grey Street Studios. 

Grey Street Studios carefully crafted a custom high-end virtual tour for each house and surrounding property using expert photography and cutting edge technology. The virtual tour even included some incredible aerial shots that allowed John’s custom putting green to stand out as a feature, giving him comfort that his instincts were correct. 

With the help of the virtual tour, John and his partner were able to sell their first house, and then found themselves on the right side of a bidding war for the rest. Since learning this valuable lesson, John now has the contact information for Grey Street Studios handy at all times. Nothing sells a home like a custom high-end virtual tour.

Sep 03 2013

virtual tour2When prospective home buyers explore new home construction, the first step is almost always taking a look at the model home. A model home shows homebuyers not only the best features of homes in the development, but also the possibilities for customizing a blueprint to suit their needs. It's the all-important first impression for any home buyer.

More and more, though, busy schedules and an abundance of online listings mean that home buyers are making their first visits to a model home virtually. Rather than take time away from work or family to drive out to a model home, home buyers are exploring their options on the web, where they can see what's on the market in the area, what's in their budget, and what meets their needs.

Beyond that, smartphones and tablets are becoming the launch point for connecting with just about anything, including virtual home tours, which is why your new home development will benefit significantly from a mobile friendly virtual tour.

mobile-friendly-tours2With a mobile friendly tour from Grey Street Studios, home buyers can take a virtual tour of your home on any browser, whether it's a stand alone tour or embedded in a branded, responsive web page.

There's no limit to what a mobile friendly tour can offer. Interactive floor plans allow home buyers to engage with the features that make your home unique, while envisioning themselves living in the spaces you've so carefully designed and constructed.

Grey Street Studios has the expertise and skills to create a mobile friendly virtual tour that will leave your prospective home buyers impressed. Contact us to see samples of our work.

Nov 30 -0001

Displaying the beauty of a well-crafted home is an incredibly important component when an exceptional amount of time and effort has been put into developing it. Architectural photography is one of the easiest ways to showcase the unique and attractive focal points of a newly developed building. The right angle or lighting could make a huge difference in the way your home looks to a camera. Since there has been a remarkable increase in the advertising of homes online, the photography of model homes matters a great deal. 

What Digital Staging Can Offer You 

When listing a vacant inventory home for sale online, it may seem confusing to display pictures of empty rooms. This makes sense because potential buyers will not want to see the blank rooms of a house. They would rather like to envision what living in the home might be like. You can accomplish this by investing in a professional to digitally stage your vacant inventory home. A touch of furniture here, a splash of color there and suddenly you have the image of a beautiful furnished home.


Online Photography Matters

There are many benefits of digitally staging homes. The first and most obvious benefit is the importance of architectural photography when listing homes online. A staggering 97% of people who search for homes online believe that photos are the most useful information to determine the quality of a home. Displaying an empty room online can deter many from seeing the true attractiveness of a home.


Helping Buyers Understand Your Architecture

Another positive aspect of digitally staging a vacant home is that it can actually more accurately depict your home. Showing photos of an empty room can make the space look smaller than it actually is. People can get a proper idea of the size of a home by having other objects to scale the space. What first appears as a tiny living room may turn out to be a spacious area to reside in. 

Grey Street Studios not only specializes in architectural photography, but digital staging as well. Avoid hiring an additional employee to showcase your model home by investing in a photographer that is digitally skilled. If you are interested in learning more about digital staging, please to do not hesitate to contact us today! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.