Friday, December 14, 2018
Mar 19 2014

You may think that your model homes speak for themselves.  After all, if a customer comes to see one, they’re probably going to love it and buy it.  But in order to get your customer to the home, you’ll need photographs which have been taken by a professional.  Read on for a few great reasons to hire an architectural photographer.

1. Composition.  Sure, you may think that you take good photographs too but do you know the basics of composition?  Have you learnt how to use light to create and dispel contrast?  Can you portray your home in a way that makes it look neither too empty nor too cluttered?  These are basics that a good architectural photographer will always take into account when photographing a model home.


2.  Brightness.  A good architectural photograph is saturated with color and light but not in a way that hurts the eyes.  You don’t want your model home to appear too stark but you don’t want it to seem washed out either.  A good architectural photographer will know how to keep the right amount of color to make a model home seem homey and comfortable.



3.  Directing the eye.  A good architectural photograph or video takes the eye through a journey.  Your customer will be able to see all the good points of a room or a development at one go.  If it’s a photo of a living room, the eye will move from the beautiful view to the curtains to the matching upholstery on the comfy sofa and the coffee table in front of it.  If it’s a video of a development, the eye will be led from the home to the walking paths around it towards the children’s playground and other facilities available close by.


4.  Sharing.  In this day and age, people love to share photos of themselves and what they’re doing on the internet and social media.  Think of yourself as doing the same when you hire an architectural photographer to take photos or create videos of your model home.  This gives you a platform to show off the things you are proud of and share them with other people.



5.  Simplicity vs. disorder.  Even though we live in the twenty-first century, many people still hanker after a simpler lifestyle free of stress.  By presenting them with photos of a beautiful model home, you’re showing them that that dream is within their reach, that they too can live in a sylvan paradise free of clutter and the demands of everyday life.  A good architectural photographer knows how to create photos that reflect this dream.

If you’re thinking about getting architectural photographs, contact us and we’ll put together the right package of photos, videos and aerial tours for your model home.


Mar 19 2014

Geometric Shapes vs. Natural Shapes

As architectural photographers, it’s our job to show how the home fits into its surroundings and how the two enhance each other.  While the house or the building’s lines are usually in the form of geometric shapes, the plants and trees in the garden or the beach nearby are organic components with gently curving or undulating shapes.  The contrast of the geometric with the irregular can show both off to advantage.


Homes Surrounded by Gardens

As architectural photographers, we take the shapes surrounding the home into consideration.  How does that circular flower bed contrast with the perpendicular lines of the house?  How about that curving gravel path?   What’s the best way to fit that into a photograph to enhance its composition?  The idea is to make the home’s surroundings the best possible foil for the home and its construction.

Homes Surrounded by Bodies of Water

Water can be used to great advantage in an architectural photograph.  Reflections in water can often be quite breathtaking while waterfalls and streams close to the home add a touch of the picturesque.  Even swimming pools which do not, technically, fall into the category of natural surroundings, can lend a sheen of beauty to an architectural photograph.  The sight of all that blue water is immediately calming to the viewer.

Contact us for photos that highlight your home from the outside, by showing it in harmony with its environment.


Jan 31 2014

You may think that architectural photography is just the photography of buildings, but it’s not.  It’s photographing how people live.  It’s about presenting a way of life to the consumer that s/he could possibly fall in love with.

Clean and Sparkling vs. Artless and Lived In

If you’ve always dreamed of cooking in a kitchen with a marble counter, then a photograph of this type of counter is likely to appeal to you.  But it’s important, when taking architectural photographs to make a home look lived in.  So the marble countertop shouldn’t be clean and sparkling.  Instead, it will look more appealing if there is some cooking equipment strewn around.

Some vegetables and a chopping board, a frying pan with oil and garlic on the stove top, an uncorked bottle of wine and a half-empty wine glass will all make it look as though there really is a chef working on a great meal in this kitchen who is just taking a break or looking through the pantry to find another ingredient.  It can also make the viewer of the photograph feel like s/he could just step into that kitchen and take over.

A Tactile Experience that Sparks the Imagination

These items make the experience of viewing the photograph more tactile.  A sparkling countertop may be visually appealing, but actually seeing cooking materials in a kitchen makes it more real somehow.  It helps the viewer to imagine what it would be like to actually live in such a home.

Similarly, flowers in the living room, a steaming cup of cocoa on the patio and lit candles in the dining room will have the same effect.  Perfectly placed cushions may look great but a chenille throw carelessly strewn over one side of the sofa will make it look cozy and inviting.  Books are also a great addition to architectural photographs, as are paintings with some personality.  They help the viewer to see himself/herself reading in those surroundings or putting up artwork that s/he loves.

As architectural photographers, we are aware of these little details that help to sell a home.  Contact us for photos that will help your viewers imagine how great it would be to live in your model home.


Dec 05 2013

What makes a house into a home?  Is it just a feeling that starts to emerge after you’ve been living in a place for a while?  Or is there something about that particular dwelling which makes it the right place for you?

People and Their Homes

Sometimes, people get stuck in houses or apartments where they don’t really feel comfortable.  Some people like a lot of space but are stuck in cramped apartments with low ceilings.  Others may prefer cozy rooms and fireplaces but live in lofts with high ceilings and a feeling of openness.

Making the Most of a Home’s Selling Points with an Architectural Photographer

In order to accurately portray what a home is like, you need the services of an architectural photographer.  Different homes have different selling points.  Some may be large and open with a lot of space in the front and back yards.  Others may be renovated lofts with high ceilings, tall windows looking over city streets and a lot of space for entertaining.  Yet others may be constructed in the style of snug English cottages with wooden beams and fireplaces.

In order to sell a home, you have to have the right photographs which accurately display the interior and exterior of the home.  A good architectural photographer is one who can gauge what the selling points are of a home and make the best of them.


Spacious vs. Cozy Homes

If space is a selling point—and it often is—then the photographs should make the most of the space in the home.  However, if the home is trying to emphasize that it would be a cozy, snug, kind of place, then the sight of a roaring fire and a cozy chair is more likely to attract the kind of person who would be happy living there.

After all, selling a home is more than just a business transaction.  It’s a service that enables people to be happy in the spaces they live in.  If you’re in the construction business, you probably feel a sense of satisfaction in matching the space to the owner.  So take the first step towards concluding this transaction and contact us for architectural photographs today.