Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Sep 19 2012

Next week I’ll be shooting 9 brand new models in Waterset by Newland Communities which is set to open later this month.  It’s a beautiful piece of land that was developed and then put on hold when the housing market suffered but now it’s about to open in blaze of success.    I know one builder sold five houses in the first week of pre-sales and also an independent realtor who’s sold three homes already to her clients!  Waterset doesn’t officially open for a couple weeks and they’ve sold 13 homes so far!

In two weeks I fly to Washington State to shoot another brand new community call Tehaleh by Newland Communities.   It appears to be a lovely piece of property buried in the woods south of Seattle and 20 minutes from the base of Mt. Rainer!   Well if I couldn’t live in my warm, sunny, Florida all the time that area sounds like a close second to me.

Beyond those communities- countless builders of mine are opening model homes across the country from Houston to Phoenix to Southern California and Colorado and sales are going strong!

I’ve been a photographer for many years but I truly started to concentrate strictly on Architectural Photography just as the housing market started to decline.   Lucky for me, huh?!   Actually it turned out to be not all bad because as we made it through those tough times my clients learned about great marketing and internet leads and that showcasing professional photography and virtual tours of their models was a key to success.  Those are the builders and developers who’ve persevered and made it to today are enjoying the benefits.   Congratulations to me and all my clients for making it to the other side!